I’ve accumulated a decent sized coffee table book collection over the past year. I’ve always liked the look of an abundance of coffee table books in people’s homes. I think they make your place look super cozy and they’re something for you and your guests to flip through for some entertainment. Browsing through beautiful photos of homes, destinations, food and people can be really therapeutic, and also a source of inspiration. It can shift your mood!

One of my favorites is Wish I Was Here. It has stunning photos of beach towns, resorts, sea life and incredible aerial photos of the ocean (how do they capture those??). This book gives me a sense of escape and after I read through it, I feel like I just took a vacation. Eat Drink Nap is another good one, all about what goes into the making of a soho house – decor, recipes, entertaining, etc.. It’s somewhat of a how-to/guidebook and I like how you can apply a lot of what’s in there to your own home. It’s also the closest I’ll ever get to a being in a soho house.. (boo-hoo). Another favorite is The Tiny Mess, a cookbook that features people who are thriving in small, nonconventional homes (boats, tree houses, vans) and how they are able to cook incredible meals. Also the photography in here is amazing! Super inspiring.

Thanks for reading 🙂