Spending time alone

It’s been 8 weeks since the the safer at home order started. I haven’t seen any friends but luckily I have been able to see my family lots. I feel like I’m going through different phases of quarantine life. At first, I was buying a bunch of stuff for my apartment, beauty products, etc., but now I have completely stopped spending money on anything other than food and bills. I plan to do this for the next couple months. I’ve let my life slow down and for once am just appreciating and finding happiness in what I have and I’ve realized there is something really calming/zen about that. I have been having trouble falling asleep, so I cut out coffee (sad), eliminated screen time 30 minutes before I go to sleep, and use lavender essential oil in my diffuser, and it has worked! I don’t even try to sleep until I start yawning (lol). I was binging a lot of t.v., but decided I needed to put my energy into something creative – hence the blog, eventually youtube, and getting into photography…. one thing that’s been consistent throughout all of this has been me working out almost every day. A few goals I have for going-forward:

  • Spend at least 1 hour outside every day (sitting on balcony.. with spf.., going on walks/hikes, etc.)
  • Drink more water and tea
  • Try new recipes (I bought a couple new cook books – The Tiny Mess, Dining In)
  • Complete the last bit of Marie Kondo-ing my apartment (kitchen cabinets, bedroom nightstands)
  • Full body stretch every day (poses here)